Finding part time jobs for retired teachers can be very difficult. First, the issue of age might be opened and they can no longer be accepted to other companies and educational institutions. Second is the issue of physique that could prove some old teachers incapable in doing certain tasks. It is our understanding that some retired mentors actually experience some aches and even mental stress as they age.

In spite if some companies and institutions not accepting retired individuals - even teachers, you need not worry. As long as you are still capable of working there is still hope for you to land a job - even a part time one. To date, there are countless available positions for anyone that is duly open regardless of age. In line with that, here is a list of some optional part time jobs for retired teachers.

Option #1: Tutor jobs. This is the closest and the best part time job especially for retired teachers. This is also the most suggested one because you can decide how long your tutoring session might be. Since older teachers tend to become frustrated with long hours of teaching, tutoring can be a venue for you to still teach yet still hold your desired time. In addition you can even teach only a single subject or the one that you love most. Furthermore, you can only focus to a single student at a time, thus managing the individual’s comprehension and improvement. Some retired teachers I know love this option. Salary wise it is compensated very well.

 Option # 2: Consultant jobs. Consultant jobs are actually a blooming work today. With the vast experience and wisdom of retired teachers, they are ideal candidates for this particular type of job. You can even do this as a contractual relationship or under an umbrella company. You can choose to look for institutions that need professional advices on a new or growing business. As a consultant, you can then offer a share of proven methodologies on how to revitalize a company especially the ones venturing in education. You can then share your own personal interests and feedback. Salary wise on the other hand, this is offers bigger compensations. Other attractive offers are the possibility of traveling.

Option #3: Entrepreneurship. As a retired teacher, one type of work you can do is to build your own business. This might seem to be a late proposal but nonetheless with all the time on your hands, you can build and manage it from scratch. Much more as a retired worker, for sure you have pension money that you can use to build your own enterprise. You can start one from your hobby or perhaps an area of your expertise. With your time now, I am sure you will be able to put all your attention to your growing business. Furthermore, your income will be based on how well your business blooms. But once successful, you can be sure to reap the best rewards after.

These three options are just some of the things any retired instructors can pursue even at an older age. You may no longer work in a school but there is still room for you to generate a modest income in spite of being retired. Thus before setting foot away from teaching, try browsing some part time jobs for retired teachers that are perfect for you.